Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I have been planning to primarily stay away from political stuff, trying to stick more to technology and related things; but I was thinking (as I was waiting on Slackware 11 to install) about the State of the Union Speech last night by President Bush and some of the reactions I had heard thereafter, such as the Democratic response.

The part of the speech I would really like to focus on is Iraq. Many - the media and the Democrats - are flailing about trying to get the US out of Iraq. However, pulling out of Iraq is just going to be a mistake - and (like it or not) the President was very, very right about how we need to deal with Iraq.

Iraq is a long term project - it was always a long term project. Back after WWII, the US spent a decade or so rebuilding Japan - and it took more than a decade to do so for a compliant nation without additional outside interferences. Comparatively, Iraq - with a majority of its citizens being compliant - differs in that it does have some non-compliant citizens and it has a lot (and I mean a lot) of outside interference. To really be successful in Iraq we need to have a 20, 30, 40, or even 50 year strategy, stick to it, and follow through.

The problem, however, is that since the WWII the media has learned just how much they can sway the public, and they are doing so against the better will of the nation, and against the better interests of the nation. That is not to say that mistakes have not been made, but to face the reality of the commitments we have made and to stick to them.

But then, perhaps that is the problem. As of late, people do not want to have commitments. They leave marriages after years, abort children in the womb, jump around from job to job, and the list goes on and on. May be that is the lesson that US really needs to learn - to start keeping commitments again.

Perhaps, if the Democrats and the Media have their way and the US exits Iraq, the fall out and the impact that it will have on the US (and there will be one) will teach our leaders that they must start keeping the commitments the country enters into, whether or not the citizenry always cares for them doing so.

And no - the Democrats do not have an edict from the people of the United States to pull out of Iraq. And they are just as guilty as the Republicans. But then, it does not really matter who is in power in Washington D.C - it will always run as it always has, and neither party can control that.

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