Monday, March 12, 2007

Free the Arists from DRM and make the world a better place...

Help make the world a better place in every way you can.

This really should be what we all try to do - making the world a better place; and there are many, many ways to do so. First of all, start by treating those around you with respect and being nice. Secondly, uphold the laws the land so long as they are just and fair and God-honoring. Third, be a civil servant. It's great to have beliefs, but you also have to do something with them. In democratic and republic societies (e.g. the USA, Canada, and most (all?) of Europe, as well as a number of other countries) this means voting, petitioning, and joining together to make the laws and society better for all.

So, why am I writing about this now? Well, the Free Software Foundation though its Defective By Design "division" offers us all the chance to get on board and help put an end to DRM (e.g. digital rights management that has only ended up - and can only end up as - ditigal rights restrictions). DefectiveByDesign is putting together a petition for Apple's CEO, and Disney's board member Steve Jobs, calling his "bluff" concerning his open letter that was distributed a few weeks ago pertaining to the DRM in iTunes. Mr. Jobs basically said that the DRM is there because the labels (e.g. Warner, EMI, etc.) demand it and won't let music be distributed without it, so far as on-line goes, so Apple has to put it in there to make them happy, and, by the way, opening up FairPlay (Apple's DRM scheme) will not work, but will only make it harder to make FairPlay work - or something like that. DefectiveByDesign is calling for Mr. Jobs to (i) allow artists who are not bound by the labels to be able to distribute their music and movies on iTunes without DRM if they desire, to (ii) do what he can at Disney to get Disney content DRM free, and to (iii) work with the initiatives to repeal the USA's DMCA.

If you're interested any of this, then please go to and look for the open letter to Steve Jobs; I've also tried to include a direct link here:

Sign an Open Letter To Steve Jobs

Be careful - you only have until March 31, 2007 to sign it. On April 1st, they are delivering it to Mr. Jobs - apparently including a jester's hat with it too. So please, if you want to make this world a better place, give artists their freedom, and help everyone to be able to get out of this DRM nightmare, then please join DefectiveByDesign and sign their petition. It'll do the world a favor.

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