Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Suns word to Microsoft and others...

Sun's CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, wrote a great piece in his blog yesterday about patents, customers, and business entitled Censoring Free Media (Or...Fighting Letters to the Editor). To some degree, as Groklaw's PJ put it - it is an open lesson to Microsoft on how to reinvent themselves for the new age in the software industry, the age of free, open source software. And to that, perhaps the following is the one of the best quotes that can be taken from it, and one that all businesses in any industry should remember:

...the best way for us to do so is to embrace community content, not litigate against it. Those that resist the transition to free media are valuing their patent portfolios more highly than their customers. And that's not Sun's business model.

Oh, and thank you Sun for standing behind Red Hat and Ubuntu; I hope you will not limit yourselves to just those two (I hope they were just examples of whom you would stand up for), but regardless - thank you at the very least for standing up for them even if you do.

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