Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin - Is she qualified?

It's amazing how many people are claiming that Palin is not qualified to be President - never mind that she's the only one of the four (considering VP and President candidates equally) that has any executive office experience.

McCain has always been in Congress. So has Biden, and Obama's new on the scene. The job of any Congressmen (or Congresswoman) in either the Senate or the House of Representatives is two fold:

1) Legislative: Make Laws, Vote on Laws.
2) Do #1 with respect to the interest of the People of the state and district you represent.

Notice that there is not a single Executive responsibility in there. It is the responsibility of the Legislative branch - i.e. Congress - to make the laws. That's it. It falls to the Judiciary branch to ensure those laws pass the muster (or so to speak), and the Executive branch to enforce them. Each are pretty mutually exclusive - by design so that one group cannot dictate what happens and the people get represented. That's how its designed from the Constitution on out - though you'll never hear it from a Senator or Representative mind you. (They like to think they are more important than that.)

Now they the Legislature does get charge of the budget, which is one way they get to do their "checks & balances" thing. But ultimately, they have no control over the troops or any executive official. Not a single senator has as a Senator made an executive decision; nor can they. Same for Representatives.

However, that is not true when it comes to a State Governor. When a Territory decides they want to join the United States, they must first pass a State Constitution that is based on the Federal Constitution. As such, each state also has a House of Representatives and Senate in its Legislative Branch, a Judiciary branch, and an Executive Branch modeled after those of the Federal level. Guess who is in charge of the Executive Branch? The Governor. No one else.

Does the Governor control troops? To borrow a phrase from Sarah Palin - "You betcha". What troops? The State Militia, National Guard, and other troops that belong to the state's executive branch. Sure, the U.S. President can call on these troops for other needs - i.e. the President can take over the National Guard under certain circumstances such as a national emergency - but at the very least, they report to the Governor.

The Governor also has the ability to pardon crimes, signs the state laws, and oversees the groups that enforce those laws. Same as the President.

Would Sarah Palin be the first Governor to be the Vice President - or if something happened to McCain President? Most certainly not. Both former Presidents Reagan, and Clinton, and the current President were all formerly State Governors; as well as a fair number of former Presidents before them.

So is Sarah Palin qualified to be President? In one word - "Yes".
Is she more qualified than Obama? Most certainly.
Does McCain have to listen to her? Not in the least.

Am I voting for McCain or Obama? I'm not sure yet as I don't really like either one.

Oh, and the polls? Most pollsters know how to ask - or write questions that will be asked - to give an answer in a certain way. So don't ever take poll's at face value; each poll - Republican or Democrat - are aimed to get certain numbers. And they will show what the pollster wants it to show. In the case of Palin, they are probably trying to get the numbers to be against her, against McCain. After all, if they get enough polls to say she's a problem for him - then no matter how much she may actually help him, he won't be able to deny polls that they push through which will hurt, even if they are misleading. It's kind of like a snow ball effect - get enough mass and speed and it'll roll over anything in its path. That's the media for you, especially the pollsters.

What's this come down to? Look at her job. Look at her resume, and be your own judge. Don't necessarily believe what the media is telling you. Check the facts yourself. You don't need to take my word for it either - check for yourself.

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