Monday, February 15, 2010

What to do about rising debt...

As people are starting to worry about the US National Debt, what can be done?

Well, to start with:

1. Eliminate Medicare and Medicaide. If they must be kept, outsource to the lowest bidder with a government agency remaining the benefits approver. That is - combine them into one program, let a single agency decide what is approved/disapproved, but let the free market decide the cost. Stop spending $19 on an aspirin!

2. Eliminate Social Security.

Seriously. Yes, there are some people counting on it. But no one should. I certainly don't. Set an age where it is deemed that people have enough time to save up for their own retirement, probably around 40. Eliminate Social Security benefits for anyone under that age. (Yes, I'd be likely be under that age.) I don't count on getting the money back that I put in - don't give it back to me either. Just keep it and end the program. That's my contribution.

3. Start trimming

Get out of the business of managing by head count. Reduce the red-tape, eliminate the bureaucracy that has built up. Actually work to make government more efficient.

Yes, some parts of government need to grow. Others are too big and need to shrink. Yet others need to simply go away entirely (Social Security!).

4. Start paying down that debt without taking more on.

Balance the budget. Don't spend more then you bring in.

I'd say raise taxes a little to help pay it off - and the only thing that tax raise would be allowed for would be to pay it off - but that wouldn't help. Congress (and the Democrats especially) will just spend whatever they can.

There's probably more that can be done, but it has to start with getting rid of a lot of the social programs that are just plain utter crap, e.g. Social Security. Replace them with programs that teach people how to do it for themselves, and setup a smaller program for those that really can't - e.g. those on disability that can't work - and make it hard to get into, e.g. several doctors must sign off, reviewed every couple years, etc.

It'll do us all good.

But most importantly STOP THE SPENDING!