Thursday, January 26, 2012

Firefox - session file invalid error...

I ran into an issue with Firefox today, and after scouring the web without finding an answer and plowing through the sessionstore.bak file to try to fix it, I finally figured out the issue.

In Firefox 9, the Tools->WebDeveloper->Error Console had the following error:

session file is invalid type error this_initialState.window[0] is undefined

This occurred after FF crashed and I had to kill it - even reboot - and such as it the whole system was bogged down by something. I couldn't find anything on-line about it and started digging in. Firefox would not restore my session - all the tabs and tab groups, etc.

I did a comparison with the new sessionstore.js file that it had, and found that there was a little section that was missing from the default, but present in the backup - in bold below:


I removed the text, copied the resulting sessionstore file over sessionstore.js, and viola - firefox reloaded everything!

Hopefully others that have this issue will find this post and not have to spend a couple hours trying to figure out how to get their data back.

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