Friday, December 28, 2012


Over a year ago I started working on a new version of the Qt Service component. I originally started the work on and setup a project and three git repositories there.

Well, I am writing this mostly to belay any confusion as to why I removed those repositories, and the answer is rather simple...

I had not been doing any work on it, and I started doing more recent work using a Qt Playground project. The advantage is that I am better able to accept more help through the Qt Playground project since the CLA is required to work there (AFAIK) - or rather, it is at least easier to verify such things for the Qt community. It also enables the work to be done in the Qt Project's chosen fashion with all the same tools available (though not all necessarily enabled).

I removed the projects from gitorious namely to keep anyone from getting confused as to where the work is actually taking place. The gitorious projects were: (i) a clone of Qt5 over a year ago that I never did get to compile, and (ii) essentially an import of the Qt Service component with some early thoughts.

The work at the Qt Playground project is presently in Code Review for the initial push. It's not yet any where near complete but the general architecture should be there.

So you can find the Qt Playground project here:,status:open+project:playground/daemon,n,z

You'll be able to get the source here:


Happy Coding!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rsync is your friend

I needed to copy a Linux system recently. In fact, I ended up copying it multiple times as I reformatted the drives a few times. Rsync did the job perfectly:

# rsync -a /mnt/tmp/mainbackup /mnt/tmp/system

And in the end, my only issue was getting Grub to boot the drive due to silly BIOS limitations.